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Welcome back for the 2019-2020 school year!

PTA Meeting Minutes October 7, 2019

Treasurer’s Report ● Current account status: We currently have $18,402 in the bank account; an additional $975 arrived today from the Omaha Schools Foundation. ● Our tax filing is complete for the year. Past versions of our 990 form have indicated that the fiscal year ends on July 31, but the IRS says it ends

PTA Meeting Minutes August 26, 2019

Welcome Four Important to-do’s: Meet someone new Complete membership forms by Sept. 6th Volunteer to help Subscribe to the online calendar Treasurer’s Report Rebecca discussed sources of revenue: Bash – this is our biggest fundraiser Carnival – last year was our biggest year. We raised $2500; after expenses, we made a profit of around $800.

PTA Meeting Minutes April 15, 2019

Welcome Molly Colling: Thanks to all for coming. This is the last meeting of the year, and we have a lot to go through, but we’ll get through it in a timely fashion. It takes a village to support all of our PTA events throughout the school year, and we’re so grateful for everyone’s help