Meeting Minutes January 2016

Harrison Elementary PTA Meeting Minutes

January 11, 2016 6:00 P.M.

Alex Gates speaks about the PTA PTO meetup for groups to come and share information about what they are doing

in their PTA or PTO. Question is posed about the difference between a PTA and PTO. Mr. Gates states that a PTA is

nationally affiliated group. You can connect with this group via “Omaha Public Schools PTA & PTO

Leadership Meetup” and also a Facebook group.

Three cards to sign for Mrs. Benz, Mrs. Lenz, and Mrs. Goodrich.

November PTA Meeting Minutes, approved.

Treasurer Report

Bank statements show that we have in checking $14,150 and in savings $5,439. A list of expenditures will be

included in the minutes. Please feel free to email us with questions.

Mrs. Spurgeon

Dismissal for Kindergarten is back to normal with pick up on Charles Street starting tomorrow (tues 12th).

January 20th Kindergarten Round up starts at 2:00, neighborhood kids have preference.

Harrison is hosting open House Feb 10 for Pre-K

4th Graders state writing two consecutive days

March state testing for reading and math. 5th graders additional test for science. 5th and 6th graders are piloting the

new questions.

Practice tests can be found on NDE

Will include this information in the February newsletter

January 22nd is the date for yearbook and class photos

Big Fundraising Idea.

Expect and email with a link for voting within the next few days.

Sock Hop February 5th

We have $500 allocated for the Sock Hop in the budget. Do you prefer that we charge for admission for Sock Hop or

ask for donations?

Buddies and carpooling suggested; see if we can organize rides.

PTA votes for not charging admission but to include a donation jar. Idea to decorate the donation jar like a juke box.

We will be sending out a Sign up genius for concessions and chaperones.

Several families have donated an iPad to be used for a raffle for sock hop. Tickets will be sold for $1.

Open Gym January 15th

Friday k-3 drop off for $5 must come inside and sign your child in and sign your child out.

Open gym will take place the third Friday of every month, from 6:30 to 8

Science Fair April 11th

Revamped the flyers but dates haven't been solidified with Mrs. Haynes. Ideas must be turned in by March 7 and final

approval for applications is March 11. Packets will be available January 22. Partners are okay this year, too.

Volunteers will be needed.

Leadership needed for next year. Nicole Brown volunteers to be vice president for the 2016-2017 school year.

Proposed Box Tops contest to increase donations.

Send photos for year book! Mid-February deadline is approaching.

Drama Club proposal is approved.

Golf outing is May 14 th and we need donations and folks to play golf.

Members in Attendance:

Michele Merrill

Nicole Brown

Alexia Scott Morrison

Charlotte Shafer

Rielly Rettele

Jennifer Woolf

Thorin Butler

Jerry Ficklin

Sarah Powers

Donna Kallhoff

Alex Gates

Karen Spurgeon

Vicky Muli

Annie Johnson

Ruth Farrington

Angela Smith

Deb Heimes

Lindsey Kreber

Negil McPherson

Tracie McPherson

Samantha Davis

Liz Dauner

Tammy Marcoux

Mrs. Barsness

Trish Mitchell

Mary Ann McDonald