Month: December 2017

TAGG – you’re it!

TAGG (Together A Greater Good) is a new approach to fundraising and a super simple way to raise money for Harrison. We’ve already raised more than $500 since we began participating and we continue to grow our list of supporters each month. Will you be next?

Simply visit businesses you already love like ecreamery, Flagship Commons or even Defy Gravity (ok, maybe you don’t love it but the kids do). Curious what other businesses you can TAGG? Check them out here!

Use the app to snap a picture of your receipt and select Harrison Elementary PTA as the organization you’d like to support. Businesses donate 5% of the proceeds to us. It’s that easy.

To get started: 

– Click here to download the app

– Look for Harrison Elementary PTA under Organizations on the app and select it now for easy TAGGing in the future

– Head out for ice cream with the kids, a dinner date or even go wash the car

– Most importantly – don’t forget to TAGG your purchase


Star Grants announced

PTA understands the importance of collaborating with Harrison teachers, staff, and families on behalf of what is best for students. PTA was able to fund a total of $2000 for Star Grants proposals in the fall of 2017. Each Harrison staff member was invited to submit a Star Grant proposal to help fund materials, specials projects, outings, or extracurricular activities. There were many exciting requests and we are pleased to announce the Star Grant Recipients.

Trout Aquarium: A partnership with Nebraska Game and Parks to bring trout into the classroom to learn about the process from eggs to fish. Mrs. Copenharve & Ms. Goodrich
Mindfulness Curriculum: 12 weeks of 1 hour sessions of classes taught by a certified yoga instructor. Mrs. Portis & Mrs. Lenz
Dancing Classrooms: DC is a 10 week in school ballroom dance program provided by Arts in Motion. Ms. Owen
Brain Pop / Brain Pop Jr.: Education websites with over 1,000 short movies that cover science, social studies, English, math, engineering and technology, health, art, and music. Miss Prieksat
Campfire Rug: Used to create a warm environment for the guidance classrooms to be able to gather around together to do lessons. Mrs. Herzog
RAZ Kids: Interactive digital resource with over 400 ebooks, eQuizzes which test comprehension to provide teachers with a skills report. Mrs. Behrens
Growth Mindset Materials: Games and materials that will help support classroom in incorporating an emphasis on growth mindset. Mrs. Quackenbush
Math Materials: Specific materials to enhance, extend, and supplement math concepts and skills. Mrs. Barsness