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Growth Mindset Playlist by Mrs. Quackenbush

Mrs. Quackenbush has created her own growth mindset playlist that she uses to help encourage, motivate, and inspire her students.

Applause – Lady Gaga

Brave – Sara Bareilles

Can’t stop the feeling – JT (Trolls Sdtrk)

The Climb- Miley Cyrus

Don’t stop believing- Journey

Don’t worry- Kidz Bop

Dynamite – Kidz Bop

Firework – Kidz Bop

Get Back up again- Anna Kendrick (Trolls Sdtrk)

I’ve got a dream – Mandy Moore (Tangled Sdtrk)

Happy – Pharrell

How Far I’ll Go – Opetaia (Moana)

Let it Go – Idena (?) Manzell (Frozen Sdtrk)

Live your life – Kidz Bop

Roar- Katy Perry

Shake it off- Kidz Bop

3 Little birds Bob Marely

Try Everything- Shakira (zootopia sdtrk)

True Colors- Cyndi Lauper or Trolls Sdtrk

Home – Philip Phillips

Star Grants for 2018-2019 Announced

As many of you all are aware, PTA budgeted to fund $2400 worth of Star Grants. All Harrison staff are invited to apply for a Star Grant. Proposals may be academic or co-curricular programs, activities, and projects. It is an opportunity for staff to be creative. The Star Grants are then scored by a voluntary committee comprised of non-board members of PTA and Harrison Staff by using a rubric that primarily focuses on the extent to which Harrison students will benefit from the proposed project.

We are thrilled to inform you that we have decided to fund all 8 of the Star Grants that were submitted this year! Thank you for your participation and willingness to provide innovative programming for our students. We sincerely appreciate your hard work and dedication that makes Harrison such a wonderful school!

Congratulations to the following recipients:

Mrs. Prieksat: Brain Pop

Mrs. Skwira: Inflatables for Field Day

Mrs. Herzog: Secret Kindness Agents

Mrs. Wilcox and Mrs. Rivedal: ESGI

Mrs. Quackenbush, Mrs. Barsness, Miss Y: Wildlife Safari Park Field Trip

Mrs. Quackenbush: Reggio Mathematics

Mrs. Portis and Mrs. Lenz: Mindfulness/Yoga

Ms. Birkemeier and Mrs. Brodkey: Virtual Field Trip to Ashfalls Fossil Beds

Please let PTA Board know if you have any questions!

Meeting Minutes – August 27, 2018

Welcome: Molly Colling

  • Thanks to all for coming to the first meeting of the year. We hope you find this a good time for connecting and learning about what students experience at Harrison. Our board members for the year are Molly Colling (president), Scott Gillespie (vice president), Lex Morrison (treasurer), and Annie Johnson (secretary).
  • Four important to-do’s: Make sure membership and directory forms are completed by September 7th; pay attention to volunteer opportunities on the back. We will walk through some of the committees tonight because they are timely and coming up soon. We encourage everyone to subscribe to the PTA calendar. Try to meet someone new.

Treasurer’s Report: Lex Morrison

  • Last year, we were being very careful with our budget. For our revenues we came in at $500 less than we had budgeted for the entire year. Thanks to everyone who contributed and participated. The budget, at this point, is pretty uninteresting since it’s so early in the school year. One important thing to know is that we offer teacher reimbursement for supplies that teachers buy for their classrooms, and some of those forms have already come in. We have also paid the PTA insurance for the year. Last year’s carnival was a huge success; we exceeded our revenue plan and kept costs low. It was a night when you just love to be at Harrison because there were so many people here connecting and having fun. Please contact Lex if you’d like to know more about how PTA funds are distributed.

Principal’s Report: Andrea Haynes

  • We have many staff members here tonight: Quackenbush, Barnes, Barber, Yuskovich, Stuthman, Copenharve, Herzog, Brodkey. What we are going to do tonight is roll out some information about bigger things happening at Harrison. Tonight, that is MTSSB, which stands for multi-tiered systems of support. Every school in OPS has had to roll this out at some point, and Harrison is in the last round. There were some schools that really needed assistance, but the teachers and staff here are rockstars. We have the highest scores for school climate and the lowest for referrals.
  • We have a new superintendent, Dr. Logan, from Philadelphia. She asked schools to roll out a new mission statement and mascot. We have an official tiger, and our new mission statement is: “Teach. Lead. Succeed.” The staff theme is “We Are Harrison.” Along with that we have a new vision statement: “Through high expectations and caring hearts, the Harrison staff and school community will ensure success for EVERY student!” We have a mission and every single day our staff work toward that collaboratively with parents and community partners. MTSSB is designed to support and teach students appropriate behavior in school through defined rules and expectations, lesson plans that teach expected behaviors, rewards and recognitions, and consequences for misbehavior. This was previously called citizenship plan. We had to choose school rules that students would be able to say if a staff person asked them. We decided to make them pretty easy since they already say them every day in the Harrison Daily Pledge. We say it every day, emphatically. We took the rules and wove them into what we were already saying every day.
  • Dani Herzog: Positive recognition. Classroom management plus behavioral building plan. Just as in years past, we have a principal’s treasure box to reward kids who show good behavior and choices. We now also have “Good ‘cents’ today” – for kids who may struggle but show that they are trying. This is a reward for them that boosts their esteem levels. E.g., “We saw you doing this, we saw that you usually have a tough time, but you used good sense today.” They turn this in to the main office and they can put a quarter into a candy machine and get a reward. Quiet Lunch Friday will continue. Student Council and 6th Grade Ambassadors give students leadership opportunities. There will be “You’re one terrific tiger” quarterly letters home: teachers will pick two students each quarter to send a letter home and reinforce good behavior and choices. We will continue to have quarterly Citizenship Assemblies for kids who haven’t had a PAC referral; they do a fun activity or presentation at the assembly. Kids don’t always get the recognition they deserve and this helps with that.
  • Carrie Cophenharve: Consequences. Five steps. 1. First warning: verbal; 2. Second warning: stop and think / extended verbal reminder; 3. Third warning: buddy room, then return to class; 4. Fourth warning: PAC room; 5. Fifth warning: office referral (severe, doesn’t happen very often). Teachers have a clipboard to know where students are in their plan. This is tracked on the computer to track patterns of behavior that can be prevented or worked on constructively. It helps us keep track of what’s going on and what we’re doing to help. Students start with a blank slate every day. The first two steps are not necessarily relayed to parents, sometimes the third is, and always the fourth and fifth. And if it’s consistent, then parents know. Andrea Haynes: It’s an important point that we track this data because this affects other students too.
  • Nicole Quackenbush and Abby Barnes: Booster Lesson Plans. We sometimes assume that the rules at home match the rules at school, but this isn’t always the case. There are plans for following directions, using the restroom, playing outside, attending assemblies; you name it, there’s plans for it. We want common language for everybody, so teachers rolled these out last week. A lot of these rules are for safety reasons. They create boundaries between school rules and family/home rules (for instance, playing on the playground may be different after school than it is during school hours). Most teachers are already doing these lessons, so this wasn’t anything groundbreaking, but it unified the language being used. Andrea Haynes: The student handbook goes over the consequences for different behaviors. We have a very safe school where the majority of students are following the rules every single day. The handbook can tell you the district consequences (which we have to follow). Some kids will work toward a goal of attending a citizenship assembly. The majority of the students are attending the assemblies (90+%). The younger grades do not have as much of an issue as the older grades.
  • Andrea Haynes: Yearly goals. Every elementary school has to turn in focused goals for every year. 1. Guided reading; differentiated individual reading instruction so that advanced readers and beginning readers’ needs are both being met. 2. MAP reports 3. Growth mindset with mathematics; students’ ability to be good in math is always changing and growing 4. New science standards, Elevate Science. After spending millions of dollars on science curriculum, the district had to buy all new science books this year. It seems pretty silly to us that we went through Pierson training last year and now we’re doing this new curriculum. It feels hands-on and more meaningful, but I don’t think we needed a whole new curriculum to do it.
  • Andrea Haynes: Other updates. Explanation of losing our Pre-K classroom. We have had a phenomenal parent-pay Pre-K program. If you’re upset, I’m sorry. I fought hard to try to turn that bus around, but it was not happening. New Attendance Initiative – Strive for 95, reduce absences by 5%. $10,000 landscaping grant is moving slower than expected. New technology has come to the building. An HP Streams laptop cart is being used by 6th grade students.
  • Molly: Dr. Haynes will be here for all of our meetings. We’re open to your ideas that you’d like her to address.

Old Business: Molly Colling

  • Our last PTA meeting was last April. The meeting minutes are being passed around and will be sent out to our membership list after each meeting. The meeting minutes were unanimously approved.
  • Nicole Brown: TAGG summer classroom challenge. The second and sixth grade classrooms won the TAGG summer challenge. TAGG is an app on your phone that generates “free money” for Harrison. There are places all over the city where you can TAGG. It’s super simple. You spend money at these places, and take a picture of your receipt with the app. 5-10% of proceeds go to Harrison. We did a challenge over the summer and raised $384. That’s really great. 2nd grade had the most TAGGS, but 6th grade earned the most money. Those classrooms will get popcorn parties. Popcorn will be popped outside. If anyone wants to help on Sept. 12th, Nicole could use it!
  • T-shirts. Nicole has examples to look at. Order forms are due by Friday, September 7 th. There are extras available.
  • BASH is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year, and many families come. We have a silent auction, dance, dinner, games, etc. Please consider donating something for the silent auction or inquiring at local businesses or workplaces. This is one of the biggest ways we raise money for STAR grants and teacher appreciation. We will pick a theme for this year’s bash but haven’t done it yet. Room parents create BASH baskets for auction; we will likely do this again. Ruth Farrington and Nicole Brown will answer questions if you have them.
  • Angela Smith: Landscaping update. We won the TAGG landscaping challenge. We were the top vote-getter and had an interview and “wooed” Brandon from Kinnan Lanscaping. Brandon is donating his time for this and wrangling people to donate materials. Dr. Haynes had the great idea of polling the teachers for their thoughts. We also welcome parent suggestions – it’s not too late. It helps us establish a wish list for future landscaping.
  • Annie Johnson: I am the yearbook coordinator and welcome parent and teacher submissions of photographs throughout the school year. Please email them to You may have noticed that there was some new language in the photo release form (green sheet sent home on the first day of school). This is related to using photos on social media. We are hoping to create more social media engagement this year. If you have questions about the photo release, please talk to Annie Johnson.
  • Molly Colling: All of us have to go through the volunteer application process to attend anything Harrison-related during the school day. Andrea Haynes: If you are not going to be alone with a child, you don’t have to do a Level 3 (background check), but you do have to do a level 2, even to have lunch at school with your child. Dr. Haynes approves Level 2. If you attend a field trip, you would likely have to complete a Level 3. We were highly encouraged to do this by the district. If you did one last year, you need to it again this year. Please try to complete this at the beginning of the year. It’s good for a year. If you’re not sure which level you checked, you have to log back in and bring up your application, or Mrs. Davey can look for you. For large Harrison school events, the clearance is not necessary, but for anything that’s not a school-wide event permission is needed. If you did it last year and you remember your username and password, your info will still be on the form.
  • Molly Colling: Star Grants are an opportunity for Harrison teachers to apply for something they’d like implemented in their classroom (field trips, special activities, items, etc). PTA budgeted $2400
    for Start Grants, an increase from last year. Unfortunately, this large chunk of money doesn’t cover ALL Star Grant applications. PTA members (not board members) go through a rubric to rank the applications. It’s a great volunteer opportunity for new parents. Applications will be due September 28th. If there is a staff member who’s NOT applying for a Start Grant, we encourage them to join the committee. It’s difficult to be biased due to the rubric; this helps to prevent parents from being biased toward their own classroom.
  • Ruth Farrington: Scoops of Support. Harrison is joining four midtown OPS schools in a cool fundraiser. A dollar from every pint of Cool Cats ice cream sold at eCreamery will come back to
    the school. The entire proceeds will be divided by the four schools. The ice cream is vanilla with M&Ms, Oreos, and cookie dough. It’s just the pints that bring back money to Harrison. Our day is
    September 19th – the proceeds will go just to Harrison on that day. It’s not just the pints that day, it’s everything. We’ll be promoting between 4-8 p.m. Annie will take yearbook pictures. Each of
    the four schools picked a sundae. Ours is called Tiger Tracks, vanilla with caramel and brownie rights. They’ll tally this and it will be a friendly competition. If you have questions, please contact
    Ruth Farrington.
  • Lex Morrison: Hearts for Harrison. We’ve looked over our fundraising opportunities over the last few years, and we wanted to try something new. This will be a direct campaign. We’ll do this in February and connect it to Valentine’s Day. You can make a direct donation to the PTA. It’s a great way for family members outside of Omaha to feel like they’re supporting the school. It’s a tax deductible donation. This has been successful in other schools. If anyone else has fundraising ideas they’d like to share, please let us know.

The meeting ended with a “What to Expect” activity asking small groups to match different Harrison milestones with the grade level when they happen.

The next meeting will be Monday, October 1st, at 6:00 p.m.

Voluntary School Supply List for the 2018-2019 Year

Welcome back to the Harrison Elementary 2018-2019 School Year! Here is the voluntary school supply list for each grade:

1 Backpack (no wheels)
1 2-pocket folder
5 Glue Sticks
4 Black Dry Erase Markers
1 box of 24 count crayons
1 school supply/pencil box, to hold supplies
1 wide-ruled spiral notebook
2 Large boxes of tissues
1 box crayola markers (fine or broad)
Please do not mark Kindergarten Supplies – as some of the items will be shared.

First Grade:
3 Large boxes of tissues
4 Black low odor Dry erase markers
2 Glue Sticks
2 70-page wide-ruled spiral notebooks
1 pencil box
2 2-pocket folders
1 box of 24 count crayons

Second Grade:
3 100-page wide- ruled composition notebooks, NO spiral notebooks, please
2 4 oz. glue bottles
2 boxes of colored pencils
2 boxes of tissues
24 Plain yellow #2 pencils
4 2-pocket folders
1 Big pink eraser
2 boxes of 24 count crayons
2 Red pens

Third Grade:
3 Spiral notebooks
1 composition notebook
3 2 pocket folders
2 Packs of #2 Pencils (plain Ticonderoga preferred)
2 pink erasers
1 yellow Highlighter
2 packages of pens (one red and one black)
3 boxes tissues (or more)
Clear pouch or strong baggies
1 pair of student Scissors
1 container of Disinfectant wipes or a bottle of hand sanitizer
1 large glue stick
1 box of colored pencils

Fourth Grade:
4 Black, low odor Dry erase markers
1 black sock to use as a whiteboard eraser
1 pencil box to fit inside desk
3 Wide-Ruled Spiral composition
notebooks (prefer yellow, green, blue)
1 2-pocket folder (prefer yellow, green, blue)
3 boxes of tissues
2 red pens or red pencils (no “clicky”
pens please)
1 Large glue stick
1 box (12) colored pencils
1 large pink eraser
1 yellow highlighter
2 Glue Sticks
2 Packs of #2 Pencils (plain Ticonderoga preferred)

Fifth Grade:
1 Package red ball point pens with caps
4 2-pocket folders
2 boxes of tissues
1 pencil box that fits the desk
6-8 70-page wide-ruled spiral notebooks
2 yellow highlighters
1 box Markers
1 large glue stick
3 small glue sticks
1 bottle of white glue
2 Packages of #2 yellow pencils (Ticonderoga or Dixon preferred)
1 Manual pencil sharpener to keep in desk
2 Blue pens
1 Pair of student scissors

Sixth Grade:
6 Black or Blue pens
4 Black low odor Dry Erase Markers
1 Pencil bag that fits in the desk
1 box of colored Pencils
10 Spiral notebooks
4 boxes of tissues
3 Pkgs of 3 x 5 Index cards
1 8oz White Glue bottle
1 Glue Stick
1 pair of student scissors
6 2-Pocket Folders

Please note for all grades: Tennis shoes/sneakers are required for PE Class!

April 2 Meeting Minutes

Opening Meeting: Nicole Brown, PTA President

Approval of January 2018 Minutes

  • Matt Wynn moves to approve, we have a second. All in favor unanimously approve the minutes.

Year In Review (Nicole Brown)

  • This year has gone fast and slow all at the same time. We’d like to say thank you for all the help and participation that everyone has provided.
    • Stand up if you…
      • are a room parent or served on a committee
      • are a teacher or staff member
      • donated any item or good or money for anything during the year
      • volunteered for an event
      • attended a PTA meeting
    • Also a big thank you to Dr. Haynes and the office staff: we meet every month for over an hour, sometimes over 2 hours, and she graciously gives us her time and her ear.
      • Office staff help us with so much like making copies, etc.
    • Whether you think it’s big or small, we are so appreciative of everyone’s efforts and support of the PTA throughout this year.

Principal’s Report (Dr. Haynes)

  • State testing: this month we kick off testing for grades 3-6. You got a letter with your child’s state testing times. If not, email me or come see me and we’ll get that clarified. Good news: there is only 1 session for each content area this year. If you’d like to come chat about state testing, I’m always happy to talk with parents about questions and concerns.
  • We’ll be halfway through 4th quarter in 9 days, so you’ll be getting progress reports home soon.
  • National walk out day planned in response to school shootings on Friday, April 20th. We as elementary staff don’t plan on having conversations with the students unless it comes up in genuine meaningful conversations. If any of your kids walk out, we’ll notify you, and then after 20 minutes they’ll go back to class. As long as they stay on property and stay safe and respectful, we absolutely respect their right to be heard and to demonstrate their voice.
    • If you have any questions about safety or security here, I sent out an email recently, and I’d also be happy to talk with you.
  • Calendar: April & May are full!
    • Robotics: So proud of all our teams! They have worked so hard and did amazing at the regional tournament. On Apr. 5 our teams will be participating in the national tournament at the MidAmerica Center during the day.
    • Monday, April 9 we have 5th grade dancing classrooms.
    • On April 13, there is no school for a teacher planning day. It’s a districtwide day.
    • Disney: We’re so excited. I got to watch rehearsal this past Thursday, and it’s amazing! Our kids are the most talented in the city. We’re so thankful to Mr. Stuthman, Mrs. Rivedal, Ms. Prieksat, Ms. Goodrich and Mrs. Herzog. Please join us that night even if your student isn’t in the musical! (Dates and times are listed below).
  • Introducing staff in attendance: Mrs. Quackenbush, Mrs. Portis, Ms. Behrens, Ms. Brodkey & Ms. Birkemeier.

Treasurer’s Report (Lex Morrison)

  • Status of Accounts
    • Things are continuing to go along well. We’ve kept expenses low, so thank you to all of you on committees and helping with events who’ve been mindful of our budgets.
    • We do have some big outflows of cash still coming in the year, like Carnival.
    • We had a few parents volunteer to help us talk about the budget for next year. At our last meeting we asked for volunteers to help look at the budget and come up with a plan for next year, and we did have some parents respond and help do that, so thank you! It’s just good to broaden the look at the budget outside the four of us board members; It’s so great to have other input on these things.
  • 2018/2019 Budget Approval
    • We came up with a proposed budget for the next year. It’s slightly less than our budget last year, but because we’re getting better at watching expenses, we were still able to provide funds for some of the things that we feel are important.
    • Nicole: At our last meeting, we discussed whether we needed to do a “Hearts for Harrison” direct campaign. Shortly after that conversation, we ran a concessions stand at our Robotics tournament. Thankfully, because all of the food was donated, we were able to raise a significant amount on that day. Considering that, we decided as a board that it wouldn’t be in the best interest for us to do a direct campaign this year. It’s not necessary for this year, but we are putting it in the plan for next year.
    • Lex: the Robotics tournament was a smashing success. We ran on time, which those of you who attend robotics will know is amazing in and of itself, and we also made money, which was awesome.
    • Angela Smith motions we approve the proposed budget, Matt Wynn & Ruth Farrington both second the motion. All unanimously approve the budget.

New Business 

  • Outdoor Classroom maintenance schedule
    • Angela Smith: We have a little cleanup to do from last fall. We’re coordinating a date with our cub scout group for that. We’ll remulch everywhere. It would be great to get some PTA volunteers to help Cub Scouts with that, and maybe to split some perennials to get everything looking nice. Throughout the summer we’ll have week-long “watches” to make sure we keep an eye on things, that everything is in good condition, and water as needed. We’d love your help with that, so be on the lookout for an email to sign up.
    • Nicole: It’s right out the gym doors, so if you’re not a Kindergarten parent and don’t see it regularly, go take a look because it’s really a cool project that we’re proud of.
  • 2018-19 Board Nominations & Elections
    • Molly Colling (current PTA Vice President): The PTA truly is a collective impact, and it’s all of us working together. This year, we’ve asked a lot of people, been working hard to find candidates, but we’re not bringing forward a full slate of candidates. We have individuals who’ve expressed interest, but have no firm commitments. There is an opening for Secretary and Vice President. If you have any interest and want to have coffee or want to ask questions, please ask us. If you know of someone who might be a good fit, please let us know. Our work is for the benefit of all Harrison kids and families, so if you have any interest or leads, please contact us.
      • The board is recommending Lex Morrison for treasurer and myself, Molly Colling, for President.
      • Jennifer Woolf moves to accept, Ruth Farrington seconds. Unanimously approve those nominations.
    • Nicole: As scary as it can sound to not have a nomination, we do want to find the right person/people who can really make the commitment the role needs.
  • Clothing Closet
    • Ms. Boden helps us manage our clothing closet. It’s a place where we can donate new or gently used items for any kids in need. We always update the needs on our website under “stock the closet.”
      • Right now there is a huge need for girls tennis shoes, sizes 13-2.

Upcoming Events (Nicole Brown)

  • Disney Musical
    • All School Matinee Thursday, April 19 2:00 pm
    • Performances Friday, April 20 5:30/7:00 pm
      • We are considering doing pizza in between performances, depending on if we have enough interest. Be watching for communication about that.
    • Need volunteers to work Bake Sale and also for Bake Sale donations. We would so appreciate your support that night if you’re able to help.
  • Carnival
    • One of our big fundraisers of the year, and also a really fun community event
    • Friday, May 11, 2018; 5:30pm-7:30pm. We’ve worked with Dr. Haynes to make sure that we can bring it inside if the weather is ugly. So it will happen rain or shine!
    • Look for Sign Up and Pre-Order Coming Soon!
    • We’re having a mtg tonight so if you’re interested in helping with that, please stay after to chat.
    • Invite your neighbors. We really want to invite our community—this is a really fun event and a great opportunity to get more people involved. A lot of families around here have “pre-Tigers,” and we want to encourage them to come be a part and start the relationship with our school community now. If you’re willing to pass out flyers to your neighbors, please let me know and we’ll get you flyers. It’s a great, easy way to volunteer.
    • 6th Grade Celebration – May 25
      • Small committee in the works, but no one as yet to head up that committee, so I’m looking for someone who’s interested in taking the lead with that.
    • Lex is now going to get the kids, and so we’re going to let the kids get filtered in so they can be a part of the rest of our programming.
  • Harrison Elementary PTA Wiese Citizenship Award Presentation
    • (Molly Colling:) Jennie King, a Harrison alum who received this award “just a few years ago,” is going to present this year’s award to our recipient.
      • Jennie: I was the 2nd recipient of this award, so it’s quite an honor to be here to present it.
      • For many years, the PTA has honored a 6th grade student with a scholarship on behalf of Daniel Wiese, a former Harrison Elementary student who attended Harrison from 1975 through 1982. During Dan’s 6th grade year, he was diagnosed with leukemia. In 1982, Dan underwent a bone marrow transplant, which was first of such procedures involving a child in the State of Nebraska. Dan went on to attend Lewis and Clark Jr High School and graduated with his class at Central High School in 1988. Dan’s desire to help others with leukemia was a driving force in the formation of a support group at Clarkson Hospital for families involved with bone marrow transplants. Sadly, Dan passed away in the spring of 1989 from complications related to his illness. His determination to be successful and his positive attitude toward life are an inspiration to all who knew him. In 2016, the PTA membership voted to discontinue the scholarship and create a new award to honor students who exhibit exemplary citizenship qualities while still honoring the memory and legacy of Daniel Wiese.  6th grade students are nominated by their teachers and scored against a rubric of criteria inclusive of their efforts in the areas of work ethic, behavior, academic achievement, interpersonal skills and the 6 pillars of citizenship: honesty, compassion, respect, responsibility, courage and inclusivity.It is with great pride that this year that we honor Amy Fischer with The Harrison Elementary PTA Wiese Citizenship Award. Amy, will you and your family please join us up here at the front?Amy, on behalf of the Harrison Elementary PTA, we honor you for your dedication to honesty, compassion, respect, responsibility, courage and inclusivity and present you with this award. Please join me in congratulating these students and her family for their achievements. Amy, congratulations.  
  • Science and Art Fair winners (Lex Morrison)
    • Science, K-3:
      • 3rd: Liam Cowherd Richardson
      • 2nd: Claire Wynn
      • 1st: Oliver Sewthaisong
    • Science, 4-6:
      • 3rd: TIE between Ella Shafer & Tessa Priesman and Nell Farrington
      • 2nd: Sophia Acosta
      • 1st: Ruth Gardner
    • Art K-3
      • 3rd: Amos Vignolo
      • 2nd: TIE Violet Little and Karen Vignolo
      • 1st place: Claire Wynn
    • Art 4-6
      • 3rd: TIE: June Little and Hugh Lowe-Weyand
      • 2nd: Paw Eh
      • 1st: Norah Hicks & Claire Shafer
    • Nicole Brown: Big thank you to parents’ efforts. We’ll open up the science and art fair now.


  • Science + Art Fair
  • All projects, except 5th grade Science projects, should go home tonight!


13th – No School / Teacher Work Day

19th – Disney Musical Performance / All School Matinee 2:00 pm

20th – Disney Musical Performance / Performance – 5:30 / 7:30


4th – No School

7th – 11th – Teacher Appreciation Week

11th – Carnival – rain or shine, will move inside if needed

25th – 6th Grade Celebration / Last Day of School


Allison Birkemeier

Sherry Brodkey

Scott Gillispie

Seth & Ruth Farrington

Anjenette Justice

Sarah Wynn

Matt Wynn

Joel Fischer

Susan Beeghly

Kelly & Ben Little

Apirat & Seiko Lattison

Angela Smith

Rachel & Tak Yamamoto

Megan Campbell

Rebecca Firestone & Ohng Sewthaisong

Katie Coughran

Leo Acosta

Phillip Caylon

Alice Goodwin

Brian Priesman

T.J Shafer

Richard Young

Marion & Steve Priesman

Emily & Zach Winterwood

James & Kelly MacMillan

Beth Behrens

Jennifer & Vincent Woolf

Trish Mitchell

Deb Heimes

Wynetta & Keith Jones

Theresa Portis

Dan & Annie Johnson

Ben & Katherine Fischer

Anthony & Meredith Gardner

Hassan Bakhit

Jennie King

Bill & Molly Colling

Nicole Brown & Cecil Hicks

Lex Morrison

Andrea Haynes