Harrison Elementary PTA Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2016


March meeting minutes approved.


Treasurers Report

We currently have combined the savings and checking accounts with a balance of $19,447.55. We are on target with budget for this year. We have a lot of end of the year expenses.

We allocated several Star Grants ; Nebraska Land performance, and for purchases of Rugs for a few classrooms.

We presented the budget for 2016-2017. This includes money that we hope to raise for the next school year and expenses for the next year.

Move to approve the budget, budget approval.

Drama Club dues were paid to the school so Mrs. Haynes will have to pay us back for them because they were deposited in Harrison’s account.


Principals Report

Upcoming week of the young child.

Intramurals are ongoing, boy’s flag football needs another coach.

4th Q progress reports will be going home.

Dancing Classrooms is upcoming. The current cost for this program is $2700per year for 5th grade only. The final event isFriday at 2:30.

NeSA testing almost 1/2 way through. Also in the midst of the field trip season.

Science Fair took place today with 49 entries.

Mrs. Beers has extended her leave through the rest of the school year.

Upcoming Support Staff week

Staff changes, as mentioned in the newsletter.


Vote regarding the Wiese scholarship. Currently the PTA awards a $500 gift when the recipient graduates from High School.  Vote to continue the program as is or change to be a merit award. Vote results: 3 abstain, 14 voted to continue this program as the Harrison Citizenship Award. Mrs. Haynes and Nicole Brown will work on the rubric.


Vote for the PTA board for 2016-2017. Mary Ann McDonald is leaving as President. Nominations for new year are: Ruth Farrington as President, Nicole Brown as Vice President, Angela Smith treasurer, Trish Mitchell secretary. Voting results: All in favor. Approved.


Carnival is on May 6: approved a dunk bucket.


Open Gyms 4-6th grade 6:30 to 8

Members in attendance:

Jennifer Woolf

Tammy Marcoux

Nicole Brown

Alice Goodwin

Annie Johnson

Rielly Rettele

Michele Merrill

Barb Lightner

Melissa Kuskie

Andrea Haynes

Linda Davey

Leah Butler

Sarah Powers

Mary Ann McDonald

Angela Smith

Ruth Farrington

Trish Mitchell


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