January meeting minutes approved.


Treasurer report:

The Sock Hop raised $395 dollars with a cost of $240 dollars, our net is $155. We raised the most money from the raffle.

Family Night at Panera raised $52 dollars.


Principals Report:

The 4th grade class has finished writing testing which is a High stakes assessment. We have 60 4th grade students and these children drive the scores for the whole school. It is considered an authentic assessment and is a good predictor because they actually have to write their answers.

3rd through 6th grades acuity testing is upcoming. There will be predictive test, then NeSA in April. ESL students are also tested.

5th graders will start dancing classrooms. We need $2700 to fully fund this program next year.

The Newsletter went home today, has February calendar. There is early dismissal on Friday and then no school Monday.


Big Fundraising Idea:

Thank you all for voting. We will meet to discuss the School Garden on Tuesday, Feb 23rd at 5:30 p.m. in the Library.


Upcoming Events:

Science Fair and Talent Show: Frank will be sending a link for sign up for science fair April 11 for grades K-6

Valentine’s Classroom Parties are Friday

Feb 19th Open Gym 4th through 6th grades. We need to purchase gym equipment for open gyms and PTA meetings.  Motion to purchase 12 scooters, motion is seconded. Motion approved.

The Harrison Robotics tournament Feb 20th. A link will be going out for volunteers soon.

Feb 22nd order form for yearbooks is due.

Feb 24 the PTA will provide dinner for our Teachers. Request for tacos and we will need to feed 30 folks. Mrs. Haynes points out this may be the last year we can bring in food that is homemade. May have to be purchased in the future.


New Business:

Proposal for a new club for Pre-k. Callie requests $20 for paper and snacks. Club approved.

Pre K open house Wednesday

Discussion about the petition to increase length of lunchtime to 30 minutes and recess to 30 minutes. At all times must have adequate supervision. Teachers have 30 minutes for their lunch. Instructional minutes are dictated by the district.  We currently have a 20 minute lunch and 15 minute recess. Harrison doesn’t have a lot of para’s so we don’t have them available to cover recess. You cannot increase the teacher to student ratio. Teachers are advocates for more recess time. Our lunch time also impacts PE. Ambassadors have started serving lunches. Mrs. Haynes has requested additional para’s but has been turned down. The need for additional para’s is determined by high poverty, high ESL.


The school needs donations of coats. Please bring to the nurses office.


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