September Meeting Minutes are approved

Introduction of OPS School Board Candidates: Ben Pearlman and Alex P Gates

Mrs. Laura Beeghly is the new gifted and talented facilitator for Harrison. There have been lots of questions about identification for the gifted and talented. OPS is dedicated to upholding standards of excellence, being inclusive and also rigorous. All OPS students are being identified in the same way. Permanent identification instead of annual. Once you are identified, you stay in the program through 12th grade. Identification through multiple measures must meet three out of four. Children can continue to be identified throughout the year. She will be here during parent teacher conferences. Read more about the student selection process here.

Principals report

We are celebrating Red ribbon week.
Next week is parent teacher conferences.
Tuesday the interview process begins for a new school counselor and Dr. Haynes is hoping to have someone in place by January 2017.
Disney musical is going well, casting took place today
Robotics teams have been selected, there is a meeting at 6 pm Wednesday
Basketball intramurals are starting for both girls and boys
Trick or Trunk Monday October 31 at 2:30, 2:00 arrival time for room parents.

Treasurers Report

We have $20,560.58 in our account that includes $10,000 earmarked for the Outdoor Classroom and also includes the money in the robotics sub account.
So far, we had 111 members for PTA, only had 90 last year
T-shirt sales were very successful and thanks to Nicole Brown for designing our awesome t-shirts. View the updated budget documents here.

Old PTA Business

Star grants applications continue to come in, and looking for more volunteers for the star grant committee.
–Outdoor classroom updates: we are looking to work with TAC and have have an answer this week with a groundbreaking in late October. Butterfly Bench was sold to us at cost from Mullhalls.
–Coat Closet: Mrs. Laura Bowden. During conferences, the library will be open but private and families can come in and take what they need from the clothing closet. We are currently very short on coats, need new and used coats. Also need sneakers. Halloween costumes we have plenty. Bring your items to the office. Label them as “clothes closet” when you bring them in.
–Adopt a Family: We are starting an Adopt a Family. If your child is friends with anyone in the immigrant population, please make an effort to include them in school events and also offer transportation if needed.

New PTA Business

–We are in need of leadership for next year. Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President
–Bash is November 18. Emojis is the theme. DJ for dancing, food games, bake sale games. Room baskets.
–Teacher staff appreciation committee. Jennifer Wolfe. Pitch is catering the meal for parent teacher conferences next week.
–Robotics, Frank Luceri, 20 kids this year. Meeting this wednesday from 6 to 7:30. Friday, start building robots. 6 tournaments this year.
–Proposal for new club, Secret Millionares Club organized by Cecil Hicks & Erik Hoiekvam. This club will introduce basic financial concepts to 5th and 6th graders. Hoping to have 20 kids, 2 weeks out of the month, 45 minutes to an hour.  Requesting $50 for snacks. Will probably be the first 20 children who apply. Move to approve by Nicole Brown, Second to move to approve by Angela Smith, the club is approved by the PTA members in attendance.
–Dads’ night out is our annual event to help struggling families during the holidays. It is the week before Christmas so dads’ night out will be Tuesday December 20th. The event will be at the Nifty Bar, if you bring a present you get your first drink free. 7 pm to 10 pm.
–Harrison Year Book, Nicole calls for images for the year book.

Upcoming events

  • October  27/28 – No School
  • October 31 – Halloween Parade / Party – 2:00 p.m. Room Parent arrival / 2:30 parade / 3:00 classroom parties
  • November  18 – BASH / 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. event
  • November 23/24/25 – No School
  • December 9 – Winter Program / 10 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.
  • December 20 – Dad’s Night Out
  • December 23 – January 6 – No School

–Nebraska Loves Public schools, Brittany checking out parent involvement.
–Mark DiShaw with Douglas County Sherriffs’ office on Cyber Security.

Members in attendance:

Carol Frankesen
Alexia Morrison
Emily Winterwoood
Charlotte Shafer
Tara Wilcox
Rielly Rettele
Corrie Warak
Anna Rivedal
Sarah Wynn
Karen Spurgeon
Denise Easton
Cecil Hicks
Kristin Rasmussen
Brad Carne
Alice Goodman
Michele Merrill
Molly Lolling
Andrew and Jen Cerin
Mary Ann McDonald
Joel and Esther Fischer
Katie Coughran
Jamie Frost
Ben and Katherine Fischer
Ruth Farrington
Nicole Brown
Angela Smith


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