Harrison Elementary School PTA

March 14, 2016 Meeting Minutes


Ben Perlman, candidate for Omaha Public School Board Subdistrict 3 introduction.


February meeting minutes approved.


Treasurer’s Report

We have closed out the savings account and moved everything into checking. $20,547.84 is current balance.

We will approve the budget for 2016-2017 at the next PTA meeting.

Comments or questions feel free to email us!

We need help auditing the books this year let us know if you are willing to volunteer your time.


Principal’s Report

Girl’s Volleyball starts next week. Games are on Thursday nights at 4:15. If students come to the games, they must be supervised by an adult.

Report cards will be sent home on Friday

Friday is the 3rd quarter citizenship assembly with special guest Kapow! Kapow includes fun scientific experiments.

Calendar for the 2016-2017 school year is out.

Robotics teams are heading to regionals.

Mrs. Beers is absent from school because she continues to receive medical treatment.

Teacher appreciation week this week! “Mocktails” “Brazillian Salad Bar”. Raffle off prizes this week.

Beginning state testing. Will receive a testing schedule if your child is being assessed.

Mrs. Anderson’s retirement this year and there will be some staffing changes for next school year.


School Garden Update

The School Garden Committee had their first meeting last month. Scott Farrington from Indian Creek Nursery is updating the plans to start with four beds. We are going to go ahead with the perennials, trees and butterfly garden. Our hope is to get the garden planted this spring. We need to get the plan approved by OPS. The next committee meeting is Monday, March 28th at Panera Bread on Saddlecreek. We will send out links for curriculum ideas. The group Ready in 5 is working with Karen families who have an interest in starting a school garden and creating cross cultural learning opportunities.

Angela Smith did submit a grant for additional funds for the school garden.


We had $10,000 earmarked for the garden project, we won’t use all these funds. We would like to put $3000 for red cats. The red cats are $899 a piece so Mrs. Haynes would start with kindergarten and first grade classrooms. We will send out an electronic vote.


All fundraising efforts need to communicate that the money goes to PTA-budgeted items.


Talent Show

The Talent Show is currently scheduled for April 11th. We need several weeks to get organized. We may need to move it to a later date.



Carnival committee meeting is scheduled on March 28th, Thursday, 8:00 p.m. at the Homy Inn.  Please join us!


Wiese scholarship

We discussed the annual $500 scholarship awarded to one 6th grade student and paid after the student graduates.  The Wiese family does not fund the scholarship, and PTA members in attendance were asked for their feedback about continuing the scholarship. Elizabeth Dauner suggests switching to a merit based award without and financial reward. We will honor past scholarships by keeping $500/year in the budget to pay the students selected before 2016.

We will vote at our April meeting on the continuation of the financial aspect of this scholarship.


Volunteers are needed for Open Gym Friday night from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.


We did get some money from Tagg. Please continue to use this fundraising app.


Discussion about Take 10 Brain Breaks throughout the day. Amazing b/c it integrates physical education throughout the day. Purchase the book $100 per book. Mrs. Haynes points out that Harrison uses go noodle for brain breaks.


Callie Messick suggests we hire a masseuse for teacher work week at the end of this school year. Since it isn’t a currently budgeted item, the PTA agrees to put in a line item for this in the 2016-2017 budget. Callie is following up on a quote.


Members in attendance:

Trish Mitchell

Ruth Farrington

Angela Smith

Mary Ann McDonald

Charlotte Shafer

Nicole Brown

Andrea Haynes

Linda Davey

Rielly Rettele

Samantha Davis

Sarah Powers

Elizabeth Dauner

Annie Johnson

Deb Heimes

Callie Messick

Leiah Butler

Tammy Marcoux


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