New to our line up this year, the PTA is sponsoring a PENNY WAR from September 25 – 29. Each classroom will be given their own jar and encouraged to collect pennies (or bills) to add to their classroom’s jar. Each penny adds a point to the classroom’s total. Sounds easy, right?

Well here’s where the ‘war’ comes in. . .add silver coins to another classroom’s jar and watch their totals fall. The classroom with the most points and the classroom with the most money will each win a classroom party of their choice.

1 penny = +1 point                          1 Nickel = -5 points

1 dollar = +100 points                    1 Dime = -10 points

2 dollars = +200 points                 1 Quarter = -25 points

Of course everyone wins because the money raised is used to help support PTA programs like field trip transportation, holiday room parties and helps fund additional activities for citizenship assemblies. Start saving now and get a head start!