• Annie Johnson – Welcome to our first-ever virtual PTA meeting. We are so happy to see both new and familiar faces. I especially want to thank the teachers who are here with us tonight as well as ALL of the teachers and staff at Harrison – we are all seeing firsthand how tirelessly they are working to support our Harrison families. Much like so many things this year, our PTA is going to look a little different – for instance, we ordinarily would have had our first meeting much sooner, but we needed some extra time to get our heads into the school year. And our quarterly meetings are ordinarily an hour and a half long, but we wanted to respect everyone’s “screen fatigue,” so we’re trying to keep things at one hour tonight. We also know that everyone is hungry for connection and community, so we hope we can start building those bridges tonight and throughout the school year.
  • Board introductions (Annie Johnson, president; Vivian Capurro, vice president; Rebecca Firestone, treasurer; Laura Beeghly, secretary)
  • Membership deadline: Friday, 9/18; online membership form available on website

Treasurer’s Report – Rebecca Firestone

  • PTA bank account in good shape due to a good fundraising year last fall and reduced spending in the spring due to the pandemic.
  • The budget was approved virtually over the summer. The board worked on creating a modest budget with a lot of flexibility due to the uncertainty of the upcoming year. 
    • We currently predict $14,000 in expenses and $10,400 in revenue for the 20-21 school year
    • Our revenue will be much less this year due to our inability to hold the BASH this fall.
    • We have currently raised $685 in membership dues. Our target is $900.
    • We have currently spent about $100 for the website, $150 for landscaping, and $300 for the teacher fund.
  • Fundraising will need to look different this year.
    • Hearts for Harrison: last year we raised $1200 with very little effort. This year we hope to raise $5000
    • TAGG is an ongoing fundraising opportunity and it’s very easy. Download the app to your phone and “tag” your purchases to donate money to Harrison. 
    • Sign up for Amazon Smile and .5% of your eligible purchases can be donated to Harrison

Principal’s Report – Dr. Haynes

  • New staff 
    • Mr. Jess Riffner – PE
    • Ms. Mysti Scheissler – 3rd grade
    • Ms. Anne Lynam – Secretary
    • Ms. Catherine Bell – Student Support Liaison (SSL)
    • Mrs. Patrina Johnson – nurse
    • Mrs. Katherine Fischer – ESL paraprofessional
  • There are still several staff positions available: 
    • PAC facilitator
    • Kindergarten paraprofessional
  • Dr. Haynes expressed her appreciation for the school community’s commitment to good attendance. Harrison’s remote learning attendance is one of the top in the district.
  • Dr. Haynes will not schedule photo day at this time; she hopes to do so safely sometime in the future.
  • Harrison’s newsletter will continue to be emailed out via SMORE every month.
  • Harrison’s Handbook for a Safe Return will be distributed to families soon. Dr. Haynes stressed the importance of a home health check every morning.

Website Update – Annie Johnson

  • Annie expressed appreciation to Trish and John Mitchell for helping update the website this summer and making it more “mobile friendly.”
  • Check out the “Get Involved” tab to find membership info, teacher wishlists and gift ideas, and easy fundraising opportunities like TAGG

T-Shirt Design — Vivian Capurro

  • We are updating our logo to coordinate with Harrison’s 90th anniversary.
  • Eric Bowman has created several different designs for our consideration. We would like families to vote on their favorite design. Be on the alert for a poll or survey.
  • We are investigating delivery methods and hope that T-shirts will be able to be shipped directly to families’ homes.

Pack 365 – Jennie King

  • Scout meetings are currently held outdoors at Harrison from 6-7 on Thursdays. All members wear masks to the meetings and social distancing is observed.
  • Scout meetings may need to return to a virtual format during the winter months.

Committee Opportunities – Annie Johnson

  • Star Grant. This committee reads and ranks applications based on a rubric. This year, we have budgeted $3000 for Star Grants.
  • Room Parent. Molly Colling is chairing this committee this year. 
    • Every classroom could use at least one more volunteer
    • Molly will send out an email invite for a Zoom meeting to brainstorm ideas about how to support classrooms this year.
  • Teacher and Staff Appreciation. Jennifer Woolf chairs this committee which helps plan meals and gifts for the staff. 
  • Budget, Fundraising, and Outdoor Classroom will be active committees this fall
  • Other committees may become active depending on our return to school in the spring semester, like Science and Art Fair, Yearbook, Carnival, and 6th Grade Celebration.

Small Group Breakouts

  • Introduce yourself and your kids’ grade levels
  • Identify a notetaker
  • How do you think PTA can best support and connect Harrison families during remote learning?
  • How do you think PTA can best support Harrison teachers/staff during remote learning?

What other ideas do you have for PTA engagement or school support this year?

(Notetaker will send notes to PTA email)

Closing Message

Thanks for joining us tonight! We will have another meeting in November — date TBA


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