Interested in being a Room Parent? Typically, Room Parents are asked to coordinate activities for two classroom parties during the year, coordinate the BASH Classroom Baskets and may also be asked to assist with teacher and staff appreciation efforts throughout the school year. During 2020, things will likely look a little different, but we are still seeking out room parent volunteers!

As we make decisions about 2020, our Room Parent Coordinator will be available to guide you through the process. We pair at least two Room Parents per classroom so the efforts can be shared. Our Room Parent Coordinator will correspond with the Room Parents as events approach via e-mail or by phone. If you would like to volunteer, send us an email and your preference for what classroom you’d like to help out with.

**The information below pertains to a typical school year. We’ll keep you posted on how things will work during remote learning as we continue to make plans!**

A quick bit of business first. Please complete the district required volunteer application as soon as possible. You cannot volunteer in a classroom without it.


Halloween Room Party  |  Halloween is an exciting time for Harrison students. The celebration consists of both classroom parties and a costume parade around the school grounds. During your classroom party time, you may want to plan a few games, but flexibility is the key as the excitement level is high on that day. Assisting during the “getting ready stage.” is particularly important for the younger grades.

Valentine’s Day Room Party |  This party is one hour long. It may take place during the last hour or so of the designated school day or on the preceding half-day depending on the OPS calendar. This party requires age-appropriate games and activities.

The PTA will provide snacks and drinks for each party. Parents are asked to plan the activities and provide any supplies needed for the day. Whatever your plans, please be sure to coordinate the specifics with your child’s teacher in advance.

BASH Classroom Baskets  |  Room Parents also coordinate the Classroom Basket for the PTA Fundraiser scheduled for November known as BASH. One Room Parent typically takes the lead on the process. Baskets are centered around a theme such as; Gardening, Movie Night, Games, Gift Cards, Huskers, or Books. We welcome new ideas, too, but it is up to the Room Parents to decide which theme the classroom will pursue. Room Parents solicit donations and a basket from the students and parents in their class. A standard letter will be provided for you to work from. After the items have been collected, Room Parents assemble the basket at the school with wrapping provided by the PTA. An itemized list and estimation of the basket’s value must accompany each basket. Please try to complete your basket a few days before the event and be sure to bid on your favorite classroom basket(s) at BASH!

Questions?  |  Contact us at, and we’ll get you in touch with our Room Parent Coordinator, Molly Colling.