The Harrison Elementary PTA is excited to offer the Star Grant program again this year. We invite all Harrison staff, especially those who have not applied before, to apply for a Star Grant.

Proposals may be academic or co-curricular programs, activities or projects. This is an opportunity to be creative! The primary funding criteria will be the extent to which Harrison students will benefit from the proposed project. Requests could include bus fares or field trip admissions (please remember PTA does routinely pay for bus fare for one field trip per year per grade level – with no request needed).

All applications must be turned into Dr. Haynes for approval and submitted to the PTA mailbox by September 25, 2019. The grant committee will convene the first week in October to review the proposals and award funds to those projects with the greatest merit. We will seek to fund as many worthwhile projects as we can. This year, we have $2,000 allocated toward Star Grant projects. Grant recipients may be asked to discuss their projects at a PTA meeting.

Please note, this is a separate process than the Teacher Fund Reimbursement process.

Download an application here.

2018/2019 Recipients

Mrs. Prieksat: Brain Pop
Mrs. Skwira: Inflatables for Field Day
Mrs. Herzog: Secret Kindness Agents
Mrs. Wilcox and Mrs. Rivedal: ESGI
Mrs. Quackenbush, Mrs. Barsness, Miss Y: Wildlife Safari Park Field Trip
Mrs. Quackenbush: Reggio Mathematics
Mrs. Portis and Mrs. Lenz: Mindfulness/Yoga
Ms. Birkemeier and Mrs. Brodkey: Virtual Field Trip to Ashfalls Fossil Beds

2017/2018 Recipients

Mrs. Copenharve & Ms. Goodrich: Trout Aquarium

Mrs. Portis & Mrs. Lenz: Mindfulness Curriculum

Ms. Owen: Dancing Classrooms
Miss Prieksat: Brain Pop / Brain Pop Jr.
Mrs. Herzog: Campfire Rug
Mrs. Behrens: RAZ Kids
Mrs. Quackenbush: Growth Mindset Materials
Mrs. Barsness: Math Materials