Below are some great, personalized ways to show your appreciation. And, as always, a genuine note of thanks is always meaningful. Thanks for helping show our staff how much we love them.
Dr. Haynes Principal Foods: Mr. Goodbar, anything chocolate, Dr. Pepper, Cherry Coke
Restaurants/Stores: Charleston’s, Target
Activities: shopping, DIY projects, baking
Mrs. Davey Secretary Foods: Seedless grapes, popcorn, Diet Dr. Pepper
Restaurants/Stores: La Mesa, Don & Millie’s
Activities: reading, crocheting, camping, manicures, pedicures, Huskers
 Mrs. Herzog Counselor Foods:Raw unsalted almonds, Reeses Pieces, Milky Way, Black Tea
Restaurants/Stores: Dario’s, Plank, McDonald’s, Panera
Activities: reading, writing and laughing, pedicures
Mrs. Rivedal K Foods: fruit, almonds, popcorn, Monster cookies, unsweetened iced tea
Restaurants/Stores: La Casa, Romeo’s, Don & Millie’s, Panera
Activities: going out to eat, massages, pedicures, allergic to scented items
Mrs. Wilcox K Foods: Hot Tamales, protein bars, Bai Bubbles
Restaurants/Stores: Leadbellys, Qdoba, Amazon
Activities: reading, Hawkeyes, KC Chiefs, Chicago Cubs
Mrs. Quackenbush 1 Foods:mangos, dark chocolate, decaf hot tea
Restaurants/Stores: Rivera’s Mexican, Qdoba’s
Activities: reading, manicures, pedicures, Huskers
Mrs. Borgstadt            1 Foods: Skinny popcorn, Kit-Kats, Sour Brite Crawlers, Diet Coke
Restaurants/Stores: Block 16, Jimi D’s, Runza, Jimmy John’s
Activities: manicures, pedicures
Mrs. Portis 2 Foods: almonds, flavored pork rinds, Chex Mix, water, wine
Restaurants/Stores: Taxis, Mexican, Panera, Jimmy John’s
Activities: reading, yoga, massages, Nebraska Huskers
Mrs. Lenz 2 Foods:healthy trail mix, Chex mix, water, wine
Restaurants/Stores: Charleston’s, Bonefish Grill, Panera
Activities: reading, Nebraska Huskers
Mrs. Larrabee 3 Foods: dried mangos, scotch-a-roos, Dr. Pepper
Restaurants/Stores: Raising Cane’s
Activities: reading, manicures, pedicures
Ms. Brodkey 3 Foods: Glucerna 80 cal. snack bars, almonds, fruit, unsweetened iced tea
Restaurants/Stores: Lo Sole Mio, Dairy Queen
Activities: reading, movies
Mrs. Choquette 4 Foods: almonds, chips, Diet coke
Restaurants/Stores: Pitch, Canes
Activities: yoga, manicures
Mrs. Copenharve 4 Foods:guacamole & chips, NO sugar, water
Restaurants/Stores: Blue Sushi, Qdoba
Activities: Bears, walking the dog
Ms. Owen 5 Foods: trail mix, Dove chocolate, Hershey Nuggets, Raspberry Ice Tea
Restaurants/Stores:Red Lobster, Chick-Fil-A
Activities: baking, cooking, Kay Nails pedicures
Mr. Cruz 5 Foods: protein bar, cheddar popcorn, Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper
Restaurants/Stores: Pizza Hut, Wendy’s
Activities: working out, MN Vikings
 Mr. Stuthman 6 Foods: dried fruit, donuts, Bai Bubbles, allergic to peanuts
Restaurants/Stores: Blue Sushi, Panera, Panda Express
Activities: movies, seeing Broadway shows
Mrs. Barber 6 Foods:green bananas, peanut butter cups, Crane coffee
Restaurants/Stores: Romeo’s, Taco Bell
Activities: reading, gardening
Ms. Weber Primary BSP Foods: popcorn, Reese’s, Peanut Butter M&Ms, tea
Restaurants: Blue Sushi, Hoppy Taco, Qdoba, Culver’s
Activities: pedicures, volleyball, Huskers
Mr. Cosby Band Foods: Milky Way, pretzels, ginger ale
Restaurants/Stores: Harold’s Koffee House in Florence, Cabala’s
Activities: truck restoration, NASCAR
Mrs. Anding Speech Foods: Reese’s, almonds, coffee
Restaurants/Stores: Okinawa (sushi), Kohl’s
Activities: horseback riding, pedicures
Mr. James Strings Foods: Snickers, granola bars, cola
Restaurants/Stores: Romeo’s, Wendy’s
Activities:music, movies, baseball, Minnesota Twins
Mrs. Skwira PE Foods: dark chocolate, apples, veggie straws, popcorn, coffee,
Restaurants/Stores: Salt 88, Union, Target
Activities: reading, running, soccer, massages, pedicures
Mrs. Norman Music Food: Mounds, potato chips, coffee, red wine
Restaurants/Stores: Upstream, Bath & Bodyworks
Activities: music, pedicures
Ms. Rickard Art More info to come! Check back with us please.
Ms. Prieksat Library Foods: Reese’s, Cheeto Puffs, Diet Mt. Dew
Restaurants/Stores: Fazoli’s, Kohl’s
Activities: reading, dancing
Mrs. Beeghly Gifted and Talented Foods: popcorn, coffee, tea
Restaurants/Stores: Espana, Maharaja Indian Cuisine, El Basha Grill, Mai Thai, The Bookworm, Sur la Table
Activities: reading, writing, cooking, singing
Miss Barnes-Pence Resource Foods: Baby Ruth, chips & salsa, water
Restaurants/Stores: Applebee’s, Old Chicago, Target
Activities: reading, massages
Miss Johnson Resource Foods: Reese’s, chips & dip, Diet Pepsi
Restaurants/Stores: Mark’s, Target
Activities: running, facials, massages
Ms. Behrens ESL Foods: dark chocolate w/ nuts, Chex mix, coffee (Starbucks)
Restaurants/Stores: El Basha, Trader Joe, Loft
Activities: bicycling, reading
Mr. Hesser Psychologist Foods: Snickers, popcorn, Dr. Pepper
Restaurants/Stores: Zio’s Pizza, Barnes & Noble
Activities: reading, golf
Mrs. Bradford Nurse  More info to come! Check back with us please.
Mrs. Dauner Health Aide Foods: Dove Milk Chocolate, Brie and Bread, Diet Coke
Restaurants/Stores: 801 Chophouse, Target
Activities: Photography, mani/pedi’s
Mrs. Bowden (ESL) Foods: 3 Musketeers, Puppy Chow, Diet Coke
Restaurants/Stores: Shucks, Goldbergs, Joe’s Crab Shack, Target, Von Maur
Activities: photography, reading, pedicures
Mr. Saw (ESL) Paraprofessional  More info to come! Check back with us please.
Ms. Caguioa Paraprofessional Foods: See’s Awesome Bar, fruit, popcorn, juices, wine
Restaurants/Stores: Biaggi’s, Blue Sushi, Gap, Old Navy, Urban Outfitters
Activities: horseback riding, yoga, massages, pedicures
Mrs. Fischer Paraprofessional Foods: Heath Bar, European chocolates, Diet Coke
Restaurants/Stores: Espana, Amsterdam Falafel, IKEA, Target
Activities: hiking, reading, pedicures
Mrs. Goldsberry (Resource) Paraprofessional Foods: Snickers, potato chips, Dr. Pepper
Restaurants/Stores: Longhorn Steakhouse, Coach, Bed Bath & Beyond
Activities: manicures, Sudoku, crossword & jigsaw puzzles
Mrs. Suter (BSP) Paraprofessional Foods: Hershey’s, chocolate, coffee
Restaurants/Stores: Blue
Activities: reading, pedicures
Mrs. Gilquist (K) Paraprofessional Foods: $100,000 Bar, Heath bar, popcorn, trail mix, Diet Coke
Restaurants/Stores: Amsterdam Falafel, Target
Activities: music (writing/performing), baking, crossword puzzles
Mrs. Newman (K) Paraprofessional Foods: Cadbury milk chocolate, popcorn, Skinny Sugar Free Latte
Restaurants/Stores: Salween Thai, Panera, IKEA
Activities: embroidery, walks
Mrs. Laskley (ESL)
Foods: Twix, popcorn, sparkling iced tea
Restaurants/Stores: Guaca Maya Mexican Restaurant, Periwinkle
Activities: shopping, spa days
Mrs. Meier Office Foods: Snickers, cookies, cake, pie, iced tea
Restaurants/Stores: Charleston’s, thrift stores
Activities: reading, going out to eat, garage sales
Mrs. Davis PAC Paraprofessional Foods: Milky Way, Popcorn and Diet Coke
Restaurants/Stores: Qdoba and Target
Activities: collecting Funko Pops, mani/pedis and watching TV
Mr. Brown Engineer  More info to come! Check back with us please.
Mr. Dorador Custodian  More info to come! Check back with us please.
Mr. Morris Security  More info to come! Check back with us please.
Mrs. Clapper Cafeteria
Foods:  Snickers, chips, chocolate chip ice cream, iced tea
Restaurants/Stores: Outback Steakhouse, Wal-Mart
Activities: sewing, Huskers, bubble baths
Mrs. Smoot Cafeteria  More info to come! Check back with us please.
Mrs. Brown Cafeteria  More info to come! Check back with us please.